6 Qualities Every Follow-Up System Needs

Here are a few basic elements to consider when crafting your follow-up system:

  1. Organization. Create an electronic or manual tickler file to help you stay in touch. Add information on a client as soon as the listing or buyers’ agency agreement is signed. Key dates should include closing date, move-in date, family birthdays, wedding anniversary, and last contact date. Review files yearly to keep data up-to-date.
  2. Originality. Help yourself stand out in the junk mail jungle. An innovative reminder idea is to tie a contact to some date related to person’s hobby or a date of past success. For example, send a yearly card reminding the golfer about the day he shot a hole in one; the day the client’s daughter won at the school track meet; or the date of the Kentucky Derby for a horse racing fan will set you apart from the usual holiday barrage.
  3. Frequency. Surveys show that the most common reason people don’t list or buy using a salesperson they've used in the past is that they can’t remember the name. Ideally, you should contact every past client four times a year. If clients haven’t heard from you in six months, it’s safe to assume that you’re off their radar screen.
  4. Timeliness. Set up your tickler file so that your February contact dates are in the January folder, the March dates are in the February folder, and so forth. This helps ensure that you get an early start. Cards should be mailed two weeks prior to the actual event date.
  5. Consistency. Be sure that all your correspondence with past clients and customers uses your personal marketing theme and contains your contact information (address, phone number, e-mail, social media accounts etc.)
  6. Longevity. Take a long-range view of building referral business. Continue to send contacts information as long as their addresses remain valid.
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