21 Story Ideas for Your Newsletter

The newsletters you send to clients and prospects should contain information with real value—from local real estate market data to updates on community events.

Stop stressing about how you'll fill the pages of your next newsletter. You can find free content that you can brand as your own from the REALTOR® Content Resource and REALTOR® Magazine’s Handouts for Customers. Also, here are some ideas for topics that would make consumers hang on to your print and electronic mailings.

Real Estate Industry Information:

  • Quarterly market updates. Find sales price and volume from REALTOR.org's Research section or your state association’s Web site. Use your recent sales as examples of trends you mention in the update.
  • Trends in home design or renovation. Talk to the folks at your local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, or get insights from local interior design firms. They'll probably love being quoted in your article!
  • New residential construction in your market. Include insights from local builders and report on the progress you're seeing at developments in your neighborhood. Write about the price ranges of the new homes, and other amenities such as fitness centers or restaurants that will be built to support the new construction.
  • New retail and commercial tenants in the area. Local commercial real estate firms often have market updates that you can use for these articles. Talk to nearby business owners and residents to find out what they think of the new businesses to come to town.
  • Changes in zoning or building codes that might affect home owners. Attend your local government meetings to stay in the loop on changes that will be happening soon.
  • Refinancing tips. Consumer finance Web site Bankrate.com provides tips and calculators on refinancing, as well as current mortgage interest rates.

Household Ideas:

  • Energy-saving tips. With energy prices on the rise, these tips will be much appreciated. Organizations such as Energy Star and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can be great sources for content.
  • Seasonal home care. Write about winterization, furnace maintenance, and other appliance care for every month of the year. Prospects will appreciate the reminders.
  • Gardening tips. Have a green thumb? Provide tips on “What to Do This Month” in the yard. Some photos of your garden can liven up the page. If you don't have a green thumb, seek out information from local arborists and nurseries.
  • A “Mr. Fix-it” column. If you’re not handy, ask some of your recommended vendors to contribute their tips for completing simple yet common tasks, such as fixing a leaky faucet.
  • Safety tips. These are necessary all year long, and no one can have too many reminders when it comes to such an important topic. Use resources from your local police department and fire department to provide tips on home and personal security.
  • Holiday features. A pumpkin-carving pattern for Halloween, a Holiday cookie recipe, a firecracker safety feature for July 4th.
  • Keep the pets happy. Offer resources on keeping pets healthy and safe in the home and yard, with advice from veterinarians in the area.

Neighborhood News:

  • Calendars for local parks and around town. Include Little League baseball games, concerts, street fairs, and carnivals.
  • School news. Publish a list of students who made the honor roll, write about award-winning sports teams, and cover pertinent news from PTA meetings.
  • Local volunteer opportunities. Check Web sites such as VolunteerMatch to search by ZIP code and interest area.
  • Debates. Take a position on a pertinent local issue, or address the “point-counterpoint” in a community debate.

News About You:

A bit of personal news gives you a distinct personality and helps clients remember you. But you don't want to overdo it—if your newsletter appears to be too self-serving, it will lose credibility.

  • Recent travel. Write brief stories about your travels, especially work-related trips to a REALTOR® convention or an educational seminar. If you have the space, include a photo of you in front of a famous landmark, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Great Wall of China.
  • Career and personal milestones. Have you earned a new REALTOR® designation? Purchased a new home? Welcomed a new family member? Let your audience know!
  • News about your company. Include a blurb about your company's latest news, big and small. For example, tell how you're sponsoring a softball team in your area.
  • Share your hobby. These can include craft ideas, golf tips, or commentary on baseball. This is especially useful if your hobby is related to your niche (for example, sailing tips for owners of waterfront properties, or painting tips for historic homes).
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