Tips for Creating Customer Surveys

A well-constructed customer satisfaction survey is the ideal way to learn how to improve your performance and demonstrate your professional commitment to past clients. Surveys can be conducted through regular mail, e-mail or other online platforms.

5 General Survey Tips

  1. Keep it short. Don’t ask more than six to eight questions, or the survey will seem too complicated and time-consuming for clients to complete.
  2. Use a rating scale (from 1 to 6, for example) to help customers in their evaluation. Survey experts suggest an even-numbered scale gets better results; odd-numbered scales encourage respondents to just choose the middle number.
  3. Ask respondents to compare your service to past real estate experiences.
  4. Leave space at the end so that respondents can add extra comments.
  5. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailed surveys to make returns effortless.

5 Tips for Conducting Surveys Online

  1. Use a web-based survey provider. Many sites make it quick and easy to create surveys and send them to clients. Prices for these surveys do vary but there are several reputable sites that provide professional looking surveys for free. and Checkbox Survey allow you to create and e-mail surveys to customers. The survey software tabulates your results so you can view feedback in real time.
  2. Create a survey on your Facebook page. Facebook surveys take minutes to complete. A new survey feature shows how many people have responded in the past 30 days, a pie chart of responses for each structured question and a pie chart of your survey respondents' gender breakdown.
  3. Add a survey widget to your Web site. There are several easy to use poll and survey widgets that embed directly into your Web site. Sites like Poll Code, ProProfs or Modpoll are easily customizable and simple to use.
  4. Conduct a survey through Twitter. Services like Polldaddy and Twtpoll allow Twitter users to create polls that link directly to a designated Twitter account. Sign up for one and share your survey with all of your followers.
  5. Tease a survey on Instagram. Post a picture of a client's handwritten thank you note and ask your Instagram followers if they agree.
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