Using Survey Results to Improve Performance

Sandra Hughes, director of purchasing at Ebby Halliday, REALTORS®, in Dallas, shares her ideas for using survey results to enhance customer service.

What do you do with returned surveys?

Hughes: We review them first at headquarters to make sure no legal issues are involved and then forward them to individual salespeople via their office managers. Positive surveys get mentioned at weekly sales meetings. Negative ones get discussed between manager and salesperson.

Do you reward good service in any way?

Hughes: Absolutely. The surveys ask customers to rate the service they received on a scale of 1 to 10. At the end of the year, we give out awards to the salespeople who have achieved the highest scores.

How do you handle complaints?

Hughes: We tell salespeople to use complaints as an opportunity to call clients and thank them for their business. Then we ask the client what we can do to correct the problem.

Any other uses?

Hughes: The surveys also provide us with marketing information. One of the questions we ask is, “Did you move within the Dallas area or come from out of state?” That helps us to know where our business is coming from and what areas we should be targeting.

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