10 Must-Do Motivators

Here are steps you can take now to motivate your sales force.

1. Provide top-of-the line technology and training to make their jobs easier and give them an edge on the competition.

2. Coach salespeople by meeting with them regularly to review goals and offer advice on how associates can attain them.

3. Recognize accomplishments through public kudos. Announce accomplishments at sales meetings or publish them in company newsletters.

4. Say thank you—in person or through handwritten notes—and praise people profusely and immediately for a job well done.

5. Treat salespeople with respect. It costs nothing, and is probably the most effective motivator you have.

6. Offer prizes—weekend getaways, dinners, event tickets, or gift certificates—for those who attain specific goals.

7. Organize appreciation events. For instance, take salespeople and employees for a special meal or outings to the symphony or sporting events.

8. Stock the company kitchen with people’s favorite fruits, snacks, and drinks.

9. Step in during a personal crisis, and try to offer a short-term fix.

10. Solicit employee feedback through questionnaires and staff meetings on ways to improve the company. And act on those suggestions.

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