4 Professional Persuasion Tips

Leaders spend a lot of time convincing others to accept new ideas or do the tasks necessary to make those ideas realities. Try these persuasion strategies with your sales associates or employees.

  1. Build credibility. No matter how good your idea, no one will be convinced if they don’t trust you or think you’re manipulating them.
  2. Find common ground. People need to see how an idea will meet their wants and needs—the “ what’s in it for me” approach. Take time to understand how your idea will benefit your listeners; otherwise, your message may fall on deaf ears.
  3. Develop compelling positions and support them with evidence. Focus your presentation only on key points that will convince your listeners; don’t worry about what convinced you.
  4. Connect emotionally. No matter how good your evidence, most people make decisions based on emotion. If you excite them and create a sense of urgency, you’re half way there.

Adapted from “Winning them over,” Jay A. Conger, Executive Excellence, May 2000.

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