Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Manager?

So how do you know if you're ready to be a leader? To find out your management potential, we've prepared this management readiness quiz based on the Abelson method. Industry expert Dr. Michael Abelson developed the survey using his research on charismatic leaders, several studies conducted on real estate companies as well as the methods adopted in his Dr. Abelson Participatory Benevolent Dictatorship approach to leading.

Print out the quiz then ask someone who knows you well to answer the questions. Before you see the results, take it yourself. You'll find out how your own perceptions match up to how others see you.

When answering the questions, think of how often you exhibit behaviors in the workplace that result in each outcome described. Answer the questions as honestly as possible. Circle the appropriate number to the right of each question.

What does your score mean?

The highest score you can get on the quiz is 100. Add up your scores for all questions except Questions 6 and 10. These two questions are scored differently because they are not desirable leader behaviors. To score them, subtract their score from the number 12 and add the resulting number to your total score. For example, if the answer to Question 6 is 4, subtract 4 from 12 = 8. Add the number 8 to the other scores. Do the same for Question 10. Total the 10 numbers.

86 to 100
Exceptional Managerial Potential/Ability

70 to 84
Good Managerial Potential/Ability

60 to 68
Fair Managerial Potential/Ability

Less than 60
Unlikely Managerial Candidate

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