Secrets for Successful Sales Contests

Follow these easy rules for running successful sales contests.

  • Have clear objectives and a single significant goal, such as increasing listings.
  • Keep the contest goal and rules simple. The contest needs to be understood quickly to generate participation.
  • Time your contest wisely. Don’t let it coincide with the state convention or a time when many associates take time off.
  • Set a reasonable time frame. Don’t let the contest go on too long or it will become harder to keep sales associates motivated. Quarterly or monthly contests are best.
  • Keep accurate records of results. Otherwise, you’ll create chaos or ill feelings.
  • Make prizes appropriate. Select prizes that associates want and justify the effort needed to win.
  • Space contests out. Otherwise, they won’t seem special. Do no more than one contest per quarter.
  • Make them fun. Use themes and bright-colored promotions.
  • Promote your contest regularly. Use weekly meetings, the company newsletter, and the company bulletin board to keep enthusiasm high.

Portions adapted from “Sales Contests Can Pay Handsome Dividends,” Hugh Robertson, The Real Estate Professional, March/April 1985.

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