Sharing Your Vision

The hardest parts of creating a vision are embodying the vision yourself and getting everybody in your organization to live by it and make it a part of their lives. A vision has to come from the top, and must be imbued in everything the company and its leadership do.

To effectively communicate your company’s vision:

  • Make a splash. Grab people’s attention by making the unveiling of the new vision a major event.
  • Put the vision in context. Demonstrate how the vision will fit in with current company values and business strategies.
  • Encourage discussion. Give workers time to digest and understand the statement.
  • Keep it real. Don’t let the vision seem so grandiose that people don’t take it seriously.
  • Draw a mental picture. Create an image of what the company will be like when the vision becomes reality.
  • Enforce your vision. Put it into practice and, most importantly, walk the walk yourself.

Portions adapted from "I have a dream: Communicating a vision helps managers become leaders," Phyllis H. Parker, Pharmaceutical Executive, July 2001.

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