What Sort of Manager Are You?

While great leaders share many of the same qualities, they also display diverse personality types.

The Dictator

  • Seizes total control of all situations and doesn’t encourage team interaction.
  • Pluses: Allows for quick decision-making. Ensures that the company follows the direction that you want.
  • Minuses: Discourages creativity in others and may damage morale. Limits the inflow of new ideas.

The Humanistic Autocrat

  • Assumes a paternalistic, care-taking role but retains tight control of decisions.
  • Pluses: Provides a good comfort level for many workers accustomed to this style from parents and teachers. Allows quick decisions and clear accountability. Often provides a warm, compassionate atmosphere.
  • Minuses: Limits workers’ growth and creativity, although it provides more recognition than the dictatorial style. May reduce decision’s effectiveness due lack of expertise of all parties.

The Includer

  • Encourages participation and fosters a more democratic environment.
  • Pluses: Provides access to a wide variety of ideas in the company. Gives workers a sense of ownership and empowerment.
  • Minuses: A desire for consensus often slows the decision-making process. Runs the risk of bogging down in seemingly endless meetings. May make manager appear weak or indecisive.

The Spectator

  • Manages by doing, or seeming to do, nothing. Lets workers set their own direction.
  • Pluses: Generally liked by workers. Gives skilled workers the opportunity to be creative and try new ideas.
  • Minuses: Could easily lead to chaos. May create a sense of indifference among workers. Undermines manager’s authority.
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