Bright Listing Ideas

Drive prospects around as part of the listing process; showing comparables demonstrates market knowledge and helps in reaching a reasonable listing price.
—Peter Dakin, RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate, Paso Robles, Calif.

Try to be the first or the last person the sellers talk to. That way, you’ll stick in their minds.

Take listings in teams. This will make it easier to keep up regular contact with sellers.
—Marilyn Lunari and Ron Pierce, Carr Real Estate, Upper Darby, Penn.

Select a nonstandard price for your listing—$138,734 instead of $139,900. This techniques gives buyers the sense that you have carefully calculated your price and don’t plan to negotiate.
—Alexis Bolin, ERA Old South Properties Pensacola, Fla.

Incorporate a time guarantee into your presentation e.g. a marketing plan in 24 hours, a phone call within 30 minutes of receiving an offer. But don’t guarantee how fast you can sell the house.

Read and analyze FSBO property ads, then use the type of language and style in making your presentation to them.
—Joe Meyer, Lake Grove, N.Y.

Consider developing a company intranet where salespeople can post—and sell—new listings the moment they become available. Buyers and vendors could also be given intranet access with appropriate password protection.
—Stephen M. Canale, The Competitive Edge, Ypsilanti, Mich.

Get a third party—another salesperson or your manager—to preview a house and coach sellers on needed repairs. That way, you aren’t the bad guy.
—Stephen Leslie, Columbia, S.C.

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