4 Elements of a Standout Offer

There's more to a deal than price. Master trainer Mary Johnson shares these ideas for making offers that will please sellers.

  1. Flexible timing. A buyer who will consider options about closing and move-in dates is in a good bargaining position.
  2. Well-qualified buyer. A preapproved buyer provides much greater security that the deal will close easily and rapidly.
  3. No contingencies. A buyer who doesn't have to sell another home or who is willing to waive all contingencies helps give the deal a green light.
  4. Substantial earnest money. A buyer’s willingness to make a substantial earnest money deposit offers a competitive edge and is a convincing argument that the buyer will complete the deal. An offer of $200,000 with $15,000 earnest money deposit to the seller will probably take precedence over the same offer with only $1,000 in earnest money.
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