Tips for Presenting a Counteroffer

  • Appeal to fairness. "We’re willing to lower our price by $5,000, but it’s only fair that you not require us to repaint the house."
  • Focus on the points of acceptance. "The buyers felt that everything in your offer was acceptable, but one minor point..."
  • Explain why delays may be undesirable for the buyer. “You know, if interest rates are rising or home prices are going up and you have to start your home search over again and your costs may be even higher.”
  • Remind buyers what they like about the house. "When we were deciding on the original offer, you said that this house had the perfect backyard for your children."
  • Present the offer in person. Just as you would with an initial offer, don’t discuss a counteroffer over the telephone.
  • Get the buyers prepared. When you write up the original offer with buyers, remind them that their first offer may not be accepted. That will wiframe of mind for making a counteroffer that sellers will like.
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