Tasks to Delegate to an Assistant

When you’re accustomed to doing the work yourself or think that no one else can do something as well as you can, it’s often hard to delegate. “Letting go is never easy, but it is the only path to true growth and a well-run business,” writes Robert L. Herd in his book, Become a Mega-Producer Real Estate Agent: Profit From a Licensed Assistant (Thomson South-Western, 2004).

Fear of losing control and poor planning are the two principal barriers to successful delegation. Don’t let these barriers hold you back from greater success by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Don’t expect the assistant to do the job exactly as you would do; what you want is a positive end result.
  • Match the jobs that you delegate to the skills and experience of the assistant.
  • Spend enough time training the assistant to ensure that he or she understands the job well.
  • Don’t be concerned if it takes the assistant longer to do the job, at least at first. In learning a new task, most people concentrate on quality first and then work on speed.
  • Discuss scheduling with your assistant to make sure you’re not delegating too much work.
  • Monitor your assistant’s work and offer constructive feedback to improve performance.
  • If possible, delegate tasks that are of interest to your assistant.

Here are some ideas for the specific tasks you can delegate to your personal assistant:

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