Benefits of Working With an Assistant

If you don’t have an assistant, you become the assistant, says real estate trainer Terry Watson of Chicago-based Watson World Corp.

Every minute that you spend on paperwork, producing newsletters, or setting appointments is time that could be spent bringing in more sales, networking, or getting needed down time. Some of the main benefits of working with an assistant include:

  • Reducing your workload so that you can spend more time with your family or other personal interests.
  • Freeing you up to spend your time on revenue-generating tasks, such as prospecting and working with clients.
  • Increasing your productivity so that you can close more transactions and make more money.
  • Complementing your weaknesses to make you more effective (If details escape you, work with an assistant who has strong organizational skills. If you'd rather leave the technology to someone else, find an assistant who's great at staying on top of the latest tools and applying them to your business.
  • Taking care of routine or mundane tasks that you hate so that you can spend more time on the tasks that you love to do.