10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Marketing Materials

The world’s greatest personal marketing plan can still be a flop if the message is ill-conceived or the materials are poorly produced. Before you publish changes to your Web site, blog, or other marketing materials, ask yourself if the item is:

  1. Customer-driven or ego-driven?
  2. A reflection of your personality and focus, or indistinguishable from countless other real estate marketing campaigns?
  3. A strong emotional appeal or a resumé?
  4. Targeted to a clearly defined market niche, or general and vague?
  5. Focused on what you offer that benefits the customer, or all about you?
  6. Professional and appropriate to your target audience, or junk mail?
  7. Filled with words that all real estate practitioners use or fashioned with unique phrasing to describe your service and niche?
  8. A mere product advertisement or a well-thought-out description of the customer experience you provide?
  9.  Impersonal and full of self praise or warm and filled with positive customer testimonials?
  10. Consistent with your brand and thus easily identifiable as yours or pretty but generic?