11 Tips for Eye-Catching Artwork

Great copy will only take you so far (see "10 tips for Compelling Copy"). Here are some hints to get your marketing materials noticed.

  1. Include a recent photograph of yourself. People connect names with faces and remember faces more easily than names.
  2. Use a photo taken by a professional photographer, but avoid a glamour shot. Consider an unusual or action photo that’s appropriate for your target market.
  3. Use one large photograph or picture that demonstrates a benefit or ties into your message, rather than several smaller photos or pictures selected at random.
  4. Show your family. Dawn DuBose of Watson Realty Corp. in Jacksonville, Fla., showcased her three grandsons on a successful postcard campaign. You can even post and share personal--but appropriate photographs through your Facebook page or Twitter feed. This personalizes your social media presence and helps you better connect with your clients.
  5. Select colors that appeal to your target market, such as black and gold for an upscale clientele.
  6. Remember to leave ample white space.
  7. Use headlines, subheads, bullets, boxes, rules, and other design elements to guide your prospects through your marketing brochure or mailing.
  8. Select two or three design elements and repeat them; too many different looks create a sense of clutter.
  9. Use large, easy-to-read type.
  10. Use larger type and bolder colors for the most important part of your message, but don’t use more than two typefaces in your piece (one for headlines and one for body copy).
  11. Avoid printing a lot of copy in white or a light color on a black or dark-colored background. Reversed-out type looks snazzy but is difficult to read.