3 Sample Marketing Plans


These days, real estate marketing is a complex maze of narrowly targeted social media and print outreach campaigns. With that in mind, we asked Greg Herder, of Hobbs Herder, a real estate marketing company in Newport Beach, Calif., along with Vinny LaBarbera, a marketing expert who runs Real Estate Marketing blog, and Rich Levin, of Success Corps to divulge their best ideas for salespeople based on three different budget levels. Their thoughtful ideas can easily and dramatically change the nature of a real estate professional's approach to sourcing clients.


For example, e-mail marketing is no longer considered profitable or easy. "E-mail marketing is incredibly hard to do and you need to spend a fair amount of money to do it," Herder says. "You can't buy a good e-mail list, and before sending anything out, you have to clean it with an opt-in program. Even if you have a good opt-in program, if people think you are selling in an e-mail, they will immediately drop you into their spam folder."

With help from Herder, LaBarbera, and Levin, we have pulled together three plans designed to capture a specific demographic and work within your budgetary constraints.