8 Personal Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Analyze your personal marketing plan to make sure you haven't incorporated any of these "don'ts" into it:

  1. Don’t assume the future will duplicate the past. Last year’s clever marketing ideas may be ineffective today.
  2. Don’t follow the herd. What works for the top producer down the hall might not be appropriate for you.
  3. Don’t stretch beyond your time and financial resources. It will only lead to frustration.
  4. Don’t let market conditions dictate your marketing efforts. Personal marketing should be done consistently, good times or bad.
  5. Don’t stuff your plan in a file or save it to a thumb drive and forget about it. Your plan is a blueprint for achieving your goals, not an end result.
  6. Don’t reuse the same plan year after year. You’ll need to expand your efforts as your business grows.
  7. Don’t bury your marketing message in industry jargon.
  8. Don’t focus on a laundry list of your professional credentials.