Elements of a Marketing Budget

A budget is a crucial component of any marketing plan. Too often, salespeople underestimate the amount of money needed for marketing because they forget to include key components in their budgets. Estimate how much you'll spend on:

Printed Materials:

  • Design for business cards, personal brochures, flyers, and direct mail
  • Photography
  • Copywriter’s fee
  • Desktop design software
  • High-speed printer to generate proofs or final copies
  • Designer’s fee, if applicable
  • Printing costs—including film, paper, ink, and folding
  • Mailing list rentals
  • Postage
  • Mailing costs, including stuffing, sealing, and sorting
  • Advertising space costs, for ads run in publications

Internet Marketing:

  • Domain name registration
  • Monthly server rental fee for Web page presence
  • Web designer’s fees or web design software
  • Web site maintenance costs
  • Business-specific e-mail account
  • Camera for creating YouTube videos, if applicable
  • Links to complementary Web sites (often free)

Customer Appreciation and Promotions:

  • Promotional giveaways, including imprinting and shipping charges
  • Closing gifts, including imprinting and shipping charges
  • Tickets to social or charitable event
  • Annual customer party
  • Cards for birthdays, buying anniversaries, and holidays, plus postage
  • Meals with clients and contacts