In-Person Marketing Tips and Ideas

Even a terrific personal marketing campaign isn’t a substitute for getting out into your community, meeting people, and making a good impression on potential home buyers and sellers. Personal appearances, participation in community events, and chatting with people you encounter in the course of your daily life adds another dimension to your marketing. Also, when selecting in-person marketing efforts, try to find groups and activities that cater to the same people you are targeting with your other marketing efforts.

Community involvement is another powerful way to get to know people in your market area. Making a significant monetary donation to a local group will get you noticed, but getting personally involved is even better. Keep your focus narrow and localized.

Try some of these community outreach ideas to become a familiar face in your neighborhood:

  • Rent a popular venue in your city for an evening. Invite all your clients to a private party. Sharon Stock and Kim Laforet of Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood, East Lansing, Mich., rented a movie theater and invited past and current customers to a free screening of a children’s movie.
  • Select favorite recipes and photos from your prospects and customers. Assemble the recipes into a cookbook. Give away copies or sell them and donate the profits to a local school or charity.
  • Host a speaker who's an expert on a topic that would be of interest to a particular group or niche. If the speaker has written a book or has a product to sell, ask him or her to donate one or two copies. Use them as giveaways during the event.
  • Offer a $500 or $1,000 college scholarship to a high school senior in your community. Hold a ceremony to present the check.
  • Sponsor or coach a children’s sports team in your community.
  • Buy a block of tickets. Get tickets to a concert or play and hold a drawing in your office. Call your prospects and ask whether they’d like their names to be in the hopper.
  • Hand out your personal brochure or business card at every opportunity. Sales superstar Ralph Roberts once gave a brochure to a restaurant waiter and later sold homes to him and two of his relatives.
  • Sponsor a home-repair demonstration. Or hold a lecture at a local hardware or home improvement store. Hand out flyers or place an ad in the local newspaper to let everyone know about it.
  • Rent an ice cream truck. A sales associate in Grand Blanc, Mich, gave away free frozen goodies in local targeted neighborhoods. An in-advance postcard mailing informed residents about the promotion.
  • Organize a group to go caroling. Who doesn't like carolers? When your group is finished singing, leave behind a Happy Holidays card from your company.