Sample Report for Targeting Homeowners Looking to Hire a Contractor

Offering an informative report is a great way to prompt prospects to find you. This one (1 of 4 in this Personal Marketing Tool Kit) targets buyers who are looking at fixer-uppers.

23 Ingredients to Successfully Selecting a Contractor or Home Remodeler

  1. Shop around — don’t rush into choosing a contractor.
  2. Get references from friends, neighbors, and family who have had similar work completed.
  3. Get at least three written estimates for identical work so that you can easily compare bids.
  4. Get references from the contractors so you can check on their work.
  5. Call your local municipality and see if there have been any complaints against any of the companies you might consider for your remodeling.
  6. After you have made a choice of contractor, don’t let work begin without a signed contract. Be sure to seriously consider having an attorney review prior to signing.
  7. Be wary of signing a “letter or agreement” or even a contractor bid form. This might be a binding contract.
  8. Be sure to specify what is to be done.
  9. Make sure the contract specifies who will do the work.
  10. Be sure the contract specifies when the work should be completed.
  11. Be sure the contract details the specific materials to be used.
  12. Be sure the contract details the appliances or fixtures to be supplied.
  13. Be sure the contract specifies the dates for beginning and completing the job.
  14. Be sure the contract includes monetary penalties for non-completion of project on time.
  15. Be sure the contract includes a provision for the cleanup of the premises.
  16. Don’t sign a contract that reads “work as per agreement.”
  17. Specify that contractor will obtain all necessary licenses and permits.
  18. Specify that contractor will meet all zoning regulations and building codes.
  19. Be sure contractor will indemnify you in case of not meeting all regulations.
  20. Be sure the contract states that the contractor is responsible for any damages to your property.
  21. If contractor guarantees the work, be sure it specifically states what is guaranteed and for how long.
  22. Contract should state when payment is due. Never pay full price in advance; link payments to certain stages of completion.
  23. Final payment and the signing of any completion certificate should take place only when the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Sample report information courtesy of Kim Daugherty, Coldwell Banker Gundaker, St. Louis, Mo.