Old-fashioned mass marketing tries to be all things to all people; everyone out there should hire you. Niche marketing, on the other hand, targets your marketing toward a small, well-defined segment that other people may have overlooked. Finding a niche often means finding a part of the market that is underserved and focusing where there is less competition.

Geraldine Larkin's 1992 book 12 Simple Steps to a Winning Marketing Plan says identifying and targeting an underserved niche offers these advantages:

  • If you succeed, you have strong customer loyalty.
  • You have a head start in a market before it becomes popular.
  • Niche marketing is often less expensive to execute.

Though there are several options for the burgeoning niche marketer to select, the niche you ultimately choose will depend on your particular interests as well as the market you serve. In order to be successful once you've picked a niche, make sure your Web site reflects the needs of that community.