Warm Calling

Calling Someone You Know

Some calling activities of real estate professionals need to comply with the requirements of the National Do Not Call Registry. If you are unsure about how these rules impact your telemarketing activities, it is recommended that you consult with your attorney before taking any action.

Cold-calling—calling someone you don't know or have any established business relationship with—is not allowed under the Do Not Call Registry. However, warm-calling—calling someone you know—is allowed under certain circumstances unless the person has requested that they be placed on your company's do-not-call list. Any customer or client whom you have an established business relationship with can be contacted by you up to 18 months after the last transaction.

Here are some ways to reach out via phone without violating the terms of the registry. Keep in mind that you already have personal credibility with those who know you, so focus on your expertise and success in real estate.

  • Start close to home. Call your family and friends. Call your neighbors. Call the members of your church or the parents of your son's little league baseball team. Call your doctor, your stockbroker, your haberdasher.
  • Past customers are your best prospects. The average homeowner moves every six years. Don't lose touch.
  • Don't just call once. Make a list, and call each of these contacts quarterly.
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