The Benefits of Volunteering

Here are some of the many benefits to volunteering in your community:

  • Community involvement establishes that you care about your town and its residents. They will see you as more than just a service provider. “If you're bold enough to volunteer, then you'll be bold enough to knock on the person’s door again in the future and see how your neighbor is doing,” says James Pacheco, a 2003 Good Neighbor Awards winner. The same people skills that help the less fortunate in your town are those that you use to sell a house.
  • Volunteering puts you in contact with other community-minded people, who are often the movers and shakers in a town. They aren’t simply future clients, but people who can teach you the crucial business issues impacting the community (e.g., employment issues, zoning issues, etc.).
  • You'll benefit from whatever free publicity the group receives in newspapers and other media. Also, these experiences can offer you the opportunity to learn skills to work with press releases and handle telephone calls or can entail public speaking opportunities with local media. This is practical experience for your real estate career.
  • You'll feel great about yourself. Many of REALTOR® Magazine’s Good Neighbor Awards winners cite their community service work as a major source of stress relief and personal pride. “When I lay down each night, I truly know I’ve made a difference,” says 2000 Good Neighbor Awards winner Oral Lee Brown, who adopted a classroom of inner-city children and made sure they'd have the opportunity to attend college. “I know at least one of those kids wouldn't have made it without me."