Six-Month Game Plan to Grow Your Sales

If you want to start off your real estate career with a bang and achieve a high level of success, the following six-month plan will help you get there:

Month One

  • Assess your present situation: how well are you meeting your financial goals?
  • Seek advice from others in the field.
  • Calculate the impact that adding one or more assistants would have on your sales.
  • Consider the impact and responsibilities of recruiting one or more salespeople to form a team.
  • Estimate the costs involved in providing office space and equipment for your team.
  • Determine how many transactions you'll need to cover your costs and yield sufficient profit.
  • Consider all tax implications.

Month Three

If you decide to form a team:

  • Write a mission statement for your team.
  • Develop a marketing plan and calculate its cost.
  • Set sales and financial goals for one, three, five, 10, and 15 years.
  • Hire an assistant.
  • Recruit additional team members.

Month Six

Whether or not you’ve launched a team:

  • Calculate your operating costs to date.
  • Calculate total revenues vs. expenses to date.
  • Develop financial projections for next two years based on number of transactions completed.
  • Evaluate marketing efforts and adjust if necessary.
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