Prepackaged Sales Meetings

Sales meetings are a great way to build team spirit and to pass on some of your experience and wisdom. But coming up with regular topics for engaging, useful sales meetings is no easy task. And a poorly-resourced, sloppily-planned sales meeting will leave your associates yawning at best and resentful at worst.

REALTOR® Magazine is developing a set of solutions to these problems. Modeled after our popular tool kits, we've put together step-by-step instructions for how to carry out several different sales meetings, complete with activity sheets, handouts, agendas, and talking points. Teach your sales associates how to improve their listing presentations, work with difficult clients, reduce stress, and more.

Use our prepackaged sales meetings to coach your sales team to:

Negotiate resolvable differences
Create better listing presentations
Improve time management skills
Work with difficult clients
Reduce stress


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