Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Difficult Clients

In some instances, people act difficult because they are placed in a difficult situation. In many others, they behave in a difficult fashion for the same reason that a 3-year-old child cries: Last time it got the results they wanted, so they are going to do it again.

At one time or another every real estate professional has to work with clients whose attitudes and behavior interfere with the transaction. Maybe you’ve even been difficult a few times yourself. While you have control over your own obstinance, it is next to impossible to change the behavior of a difficult client. But it is possible to change how you respond to that behavior, and hopefully to save the sale in the process.  

Use this tool kit—including a ready-to-go agenda, activities, and talking points—to help improve your salespeople’s understanding of how to work with difficult clients. 

Running Time: 55-60 min.

  1. Welcome, background, and objectives (5 min.)
  2. Handout 1: Ten Tips for Dealing with Difficult People (5 min.)
  3. Activity 1: 5 Common Jerks and How to Deal with Them (10 min.)
  4. Handout 2: Identifying Communication Styles (5 min.)
  5. Activity 2: Defusing Dialogue (5 min.)
  6. Activity 3: A Tough Day in the Life (10-15 min.)
  7. Handout 3: Firing Your Client (5 min.)
  8. Other resources and adjourn (5 min.)