Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Negotiating Resolvable Differences

Negotiating skills are a critical weapon in your real estate arsenal. Ability to negotiate often determines how many listings a company obtains, how rapidly those listings are converted into offers, and how many offers are converted into closed sales. The ability to resolve temporary conflicts and disagreements between the parties to a real estate transaction makes everybody—buyer, seller, salesperson, associate, and real estate company—a winner.

Use this tool kit—including ready-to-go agenda, activities, and talking points—to help your salespeople improve their negotiating skills and close more deals.

Running time: 50+ minutes

  1. Welcome, background, and objectives (5 min.)
  2. Activity 1: Tips for Better Negotiations (10 min.)
  3. Activity 2: Emotion vs. Logic (10 min.)
  4. Activity 3: Reading Non-Verbal Signals (5-7 min.)
  5. Handout 1: Avoiding an Impasse (5 min.)
  6. Activity 4: Negotiating Scenarios (10-20 min.)
  7. Handout 2: Responding to Common Objections (5–10 min.)
  8. Other resources