Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Reducing Stress

Jobs in real estate often rank among the most stressful. Yet most of the time, we have control over how the stress we encounter affects our lives. Stress can even help people perform better under pressure.

Using this tool kit, you can craft a sales meeting that will help your associates and employees take the stress that comes with working in this industry and turn it into a positive force. They will also learn how work-life balance and stress reduction techniques can help them keep stress from overwhelming their days.

Running Time: 60 min.

  1. Welcome, background and goals (5 min.)
  2. Activity 1: How Stressed Are You? (5 min.)
  3. Handout 1: A Dozen Ways to Reduce Stress (5 min.)
  4. Activity 2: Three Exercises to Relieve Stress (10 min.)
  5. Handout 2: Reduce Your Time-Related Stress (5 min.)
  6. Activity 3: Identifying Your Stress Producers (15 min.)
  7. Activity 4: Behaviors to Lower Stress (10 min.)
  8. Other resources and adjourn (5 min.)