Sales Meeting Tool Kit: Time Management

Few professionals need time management skills more than real estate salespeople. Your time is unstructured, you have few set office hours, and you are constantly being interrupted by phone calls from clients (you hope).

Good time management can help you be more productive, earn more, and keep your sanity. Use this tool kit—including a ready-to-go agenda, activities, and talking points—to help your salespeople improve their time management skills.

Running time: 48 minutes

  1. Welcome, background and objectives (4 min.)
  2. Activity 1: Time Log (5 min)
  3. Activity 2: Rating Your Priorities (10 min.)
  4. Handout 1: 14 Tips for Better Time Management (5 min.)
  5. Handout 2: Tips for Using Scraps of Time (5 min.)
  6. Activity 3: More Efficient Ways (10 min.)
  7. Handout 3: Time Management for the Time Challenged ( 5 min.)
  8. Activity 4: Avoiding Interruptions (5 min.)
  9. Other resources and adjourn (3 min.)