Activity 2: Rating Your Priorities

Remind participants that good time management is based on the idea of doing the most important task first. The most important task isn’t what is easiest, or what you feel like doing, but what will help you achieve your long-term goals. Use this exercise to help participants prioritize their

activities based on the degree that that activity helps them achieve a goal.

Before they can set their priorities, participants must develop a consistent system of ratings. Download, print and distribute the Setting Priorities Rating Scales (left). Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the example shown. Ask participants to customize this system with categories that speak to them. Then ask them to suggest some typical real estate activities that might be ranked under each of the categories.

Next, ask participants to take out the time log (from activity 1). Ask them to write two of their personal long-term career goals in the open space at the top of their forms. Next, ask participants to reprioritize each of their weekly activities based on the degree it directly contributes to achieving those two long-term goals. Select the goals of one or two participants and ask the group to contribute other activities that would work directly toward that goal.

Stumped? Here are some examples of some possible career goals and activities that might be priorities for achieving them:

  1. Increase closed sales volume by 15 transactions a year.
    1. Spend 2 hours a day prospecting to increase number of listings by 15 percent.
    2. Spend one-half hour a day following up with prospects who have seen a house in the last week.
    3. Spend one hour a week studying books or tapes to improve closing techniques.
  2. Reduce work week to 45 hours a week without sacrificing income.
    1. Spend two hours this week training part-time assistant in use of contact management software.
    2. Create e-mail and letter templates for the most common correspondence you compose and save them for later customization.
    3. Spend three hours requesting and reviewing bids for outside vendor to create monthly marketing newsletter.