Activity 3: More Efficient Ways

Ask participants to again bring out their time logs of last week’s work. Have participants look at the tasks they performed and suggests items that they could delegate to someone else, perform in some of the small scraps of time they have each week, or eliminate as unnecessary. In addition, ask participants to look for tasks that could be automated to reduce the time needed to perform them.

Ask one or two participants to share their lists and ask the group to make suggestions on other efficiencies they see. Use the Suggestions for More Efficient Ways (below) to suggest some possible efficiencies to respondents. To impress participants with the value of increased efficiency, ask them to add up the time they would save if they adopted all the efficiencies they found.

Suggestions for More Efficient Ways

  1. Differentiate between the urgent and the important.
  2. Reduce socializing in meetings by starting on time and setting a time limit on discussion.
  3. Combine tasks such as returning phone calls and opening mail for greater efficiency.
  4. Suggest to a colleague who comes in to chat that you’d prefer to arrange a lunch or dinner to catch up.
  5. Set up a phone meeting at a specific time when you will be available; then screen calls during that period to ensure a connection.