Activity 4: Avoiding Interruptions

Here's an opportunity for your sales associates to try a few techniques for politely preventing colleagues and clients from wasting time.

Read the following scenarios aloud and ask participants for their suggestions of how to respond.

Download and print a copy of the answer sheet for this activity (right). This sheet will help you offer suggestions for solutions in case one or more of the scenarios below have your sales force stumped.

  1. Bob has a listing presentation in two hours for a beautiful house he’s sure will sell immediately. He’s working away reviewing and polishing his presentation when Les sticks his head in the door. “Bob, I need some advice on how to convert this FSBO in my market. You’re so good at that.”

    • What could Bob say to show his willingness to help Les but avoid interruptions?
  2. Sue is the acknowledged office expert on technology. She has just returned from an entire morning of showing properties to an out-of-town buyer and has twenty phone messages to return before 5 p.m., when she needs to leave to help her son with baseball practice. Rickie comes in to ask Sue’s help in programming his brand-new smart phone. This is the fourth time Rickie has asked for help this month.

    • How can Sue say “no?”
  3. Jeff is a great sales manager in many ways, but he loves meetings. Oscar estimates from his time log that he has lost 10 hours this month to unproductive meetings.

    • What can Oscar do to avoid losing 10 more next month?