Handout 1: 14 Tips for Better Time Management

Read the time management tips on handout 2. If you would like, click on the document (right) to download a printable version. Make copies and hand them out to your attendees.

Ask participants to give an example of how one of the tips could be applied to real estate sales activities. Encourage participants to share other time management tips with the group.

14 Ways to Manage Your Time More Efficiently

  1. Spend the first 15 minutes of every day, or the last 15 minutes at night, making a to-do list.
  2. Decide what times of day you are the most productive, and schedule your most difficult jobs then.
  3. Use waiting-time effectively by planning small tasks you can do in short segments of time.
  4. Build flexibility into your schedule so you can adapt when things don’t go according to schedule or new opportunities arise.
  5. When you return a phone call, minimize phone tag by including a time you can be reached.
  6. Spend the most time on the job that produces the most income.
  7. Don’t let non-productive tasks consume your time.
  8. Take a break to refresh yourself; you’ll be more productive.
  9. Split longer tasks into smaller increments to allow you to fit them into available time.
  10. Divide a difficult job into several parts so you don’t burn out before it’s done.
  11. Set completion dates for tasks to avoid procrastination.
  12. Create a system to prioritize tasks, but plan on re-evaluating priorities daily.
  13. Reward yourself with 15 minutes of fun after completing a difficult job.
  14. Delegate routine chores, but be sure you train your helpers well.Value your time, and ask others to do the same.