Handout 2: Using Scraps of Time

One way to increase productivity is to reclaim the lost scraps of time we currently waste—opening mail, waiting on hold, sitting in traffic, waiting to pick up the kids at school.

Review the list of ideas below for making more productive use of short periods of down time. You can also download and print out copies of this handout for your sales associates. Ask participants if they have other suggestions for places to find scraps of time or tasks to productively use these found moments.

Tips for Using Scraps of Time

  1. Make a quick call to a prospect or client.
  2. Review your to do list.
  3. Write a brief note or card to a former client.
  4. Listen to a motivational or training tape.
  5. Complete some paperwork.
  6. Plan your strategy for a listing appointment or showing.
  7. Compose a new prospecting letter or a story for your newsletter.
  8. Check over a CMA or contract before presentation to a client.
  9. Bring your contact database up to date.
  10. Do a stress reduction exercise.