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Top Cities for Renting in 2022

June 1, 2022

The Austin, Texas, suburb of Round Rock is this year’s top city for renters, a new study from RentCafe shows. Round Rock leads a list of other Southern cities—both small and large—that emerged high on the list, confirming the growing appeal of the region, the study shows. Round Rock’s highly rated schools, job growth, and large stock of high-end apartments helped it nab the top spot this year.

RentCafe identified the top cities for renters by factoring in 17 metrics, including quality of apartments and neighborhoods, occupancy rates, local economy growth, air quality, job opportunities, and more.

Coming in second on RentCafe’s list is North Carolina’s fastest-growing city, Raleigh. The city ranks high for its stock of high-end apartments, neighborhood quality, low employment rate, and quality education.

View RentCafe’s chart below to see the top cities for renters in 2022.